Gender Pay Gap Statement

  • Gender Pay Gap Statement

    5th April 2017 (snapshot data)

    Under the Equalities Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, the company publishes gender pay gap information.

    The gender pay gap is the difference in earnings between men and women regardless of the roles they do.  Gender pay is different to equal pay, which looks at the actual pay differences between people carrying out the same or comparable work.

    Baker Perkins is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to the principle of equal pay. 

    Baker Perkins’ gender pay gap reflects that the company has a higher proportion of men in senior roles in the business.  It also reflects national statistics, that women are generally under-represented in the engineering profession.  (In the UK, women engineering professionals made up only 8% of the occupation’s population in 2016).

    Our gender pay bonus calculation result reflects that a high proportion of the bonuses received were to men receiving a small monetary award in regards to the suggestion scheme run by the company.

    Baker Perkins Gender Pay Results:

    Difference in mean hourly rate of pay                       27.8%

    Difference in median hourly rate of pay                     22.4%

    Difference in mean bonus pay                                   -2.9% (Female mean higher)

    Difference in median bonus pay                                -4900% (Female median higher)

    Percentage of males receiving bonus                        15.5%

    Percentage of females receiving bonus                     15.4%

    Employees by pay quartile:

    Upper Quartile

    Male                94.9%

    Female               5.1%

    Upper Middle Quartile

    Male                92.3%

    Female               7.7%

    Lower Middle Quartile

    Male                91.1%

    Female              8.9%

    Lower Quartile

    Male                74.7%

    Female            25.3%


    I confirm the above data is accurate and complete

    Dan Bassett

    Managing Director


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