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    The Security team has a diverse yet hugely important role to play in the business. From welcoming visitors and issuing security passes at the gatehouse to operating the postal services and out-of-hours switchboard, they are all a vital cog in our operational wheel.

    Entry qualifications

    We look for a set of key attributes in anyone wanting to join the team. Candidates will ideally be:

    • Able to work as part of a team.
    • Comfortable with lone working.
    • Good inter-personal skills.
    • Able to work shifts which include weekends and nights.
    • Able to complete SIA training.
    • Good communication skills.

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    First and foremost, it's our job to keep the site and those who work in it safe and secure. We're based in the Gatehouse and co-ordinate all the activity through there, namely vehicle and personnel access.

    We monitor all the site CCTV, undertake site patrols as required and it's our responsibility to maintain control of all the keys and locks across the entire site. Furthermore, we operate and maintain the intruder alarm and other detection systems, including the fire panel. So on any given day we could be testing systems, sorting out problems with a broken lock and ensuring all visitors through the Gatehouse can be accounted for based on security passes.

    In the event of anything untoward or a fire, we're the first point of contact for the emergency services, as well as our own emergency personnel.

    Another area of regular responsibility is operating our postal services now that Reception is unmanned. We also manage the out-of-hours switchboard.

    Whatever each day brings, we all are aware of and carry out our jobs in line with the company's Health & Safety policies and procedures.

  • Who we work with

    We work most closely with the Health, Safety & Environmental Manager and the Shipping and Stores teams.

    It's important that we're aware of expected collections deliveries and visitors, and colleagues across the business should make us aware of appointments so we can prepare passes.

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