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  • Upgrades

    Baker Perkins continuously develops equipment to improve performance and reduce cost of ownership. Many developments are available as upgrades for existing machinery; they address problems such as insufficient capacity, poor reliability and outdated hygiene standards. Original machine performance can be exceeded, and service life given a worthwhile extension.

    Upgrades available for Baker Perkins' sandwiching equipment include:

    New design stencils

    Stencils designed with half the number of components bring a similar reduction in strip down, cleaning and rebuild time and cost. A reduction in the number of seals cuts the cost of replacement. Stencils can be designed with non-interchangeable components and assemblies. This eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination during cleaning or maintenance in multi-plant factories.

    Cream hopper hygiene

    New design cream hoppers cut cleaning needs. An open frame allows waste to fall directly into bins under the machine. The new metal frame can be hosed down, and the hoppers are portable.

    Pump maintenance

    Packed gland pumps seals can now be upgraded to O ring seals. These are more hygienic; they are front loading and can be changed extremely quickly.

    Part identification

    It may be necessary to replace hopper and stencil parts in a machine after cleaning or maintenance. The reasons include elimination of cross-contamination. In multi-plant factories, Baker Perkins can mark parts such as hopper augers and stirrers to differentiate them and remove operator error.

    Lubrication free pin chains

    The pin chains carrying biscuits through the sandwiching machine can be upgraded from carbon steel to non-corrosive and lubrication free. The benefits are longer life and reduced cleaning.

    Cleaning brushes for pin chains

    Rotary brushes can be retrofitted to maintain cleanliness of the working face of the pins, replacing static brushes. Rotary brushes provide more effective cleaning. They can be rapidly removed for cleaning or replacement.

    Control sensors for biscuit feed

    Electric sensors can be retrofitted to stop biscuit feed after a pre-programmed number of biscuits are missing. The reaction is far faster than an operator. Mis-feed of the lower biscuit results in deposited cream fouling the machine. Mis-feed of the top biscuit results in wasted product. Both may cause costly stoppages for cleaning.

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Lifetime Support for Biscuit & Cookie Equipment

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Complete Biscuit, Cookie & Cracker Process Lines

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