1.2m (48”) TruClean™ Wirecut

  • Stock Model Specification

    One 1,220mm (48”) TruClean™ Wirecut
    Level 1 Base with Level 2 Head

    Level 2 Head

    Quick release head with two 310mm (12.2”) feed rolls in 303/304 stainless steel
    Feed rolls separately driven by a shaft mounted motor gearbox with VFD
    Fixed roll position with 8mm gap allowing for a variety of product inclusions
    Side Frames: 303/304 stainless steel
    End Plates: Plastic
    Clam Shell Feature: Easy die and filler block removal with pneumatic lift system for access to the die assembly
    Hopper: 303/304 stainless steel, vertical sides to eliminate product bridging

    Level 1 Base

    Designed for 1,067mm (42”) oven band height
    Covers and Guards in 303/304 Stainless steel with sloped angles for drainage and stand-offs for cleaning
    Legs: 303/304 stainless steel
    Side Frames and Cross Members: Mild Steel, Painted

    Wirecut Mechanism:

    Wirecut mechanism finished in Mild Steel, Painted
    Variable speed drive module
    Cutting Direction: Cuts with the product flow
    Cutting Speed: 60 – 200 cuts per minute, product dependent

    Oscillating Knife:

    Effective Cut Length: Maximum 89mm (3.5“) dough piece on 121mm (4.75”) die plate
    Wire Stroke: Adjustable from 49mm up to 124mm (2” up to 5”) by handwheel

    Wire Drop: Adjustable from 1mm up to 16mm (0.04” to 0.63”) by trained personnel
    Band Raise Mechanism: Single static roll with handwheel height adjustment

    Current location: Grand Rapids, MI

    For further information, or to request a quote for this machine, please contact Kari Patton on +1 616 785 7503

    Email Full specification

eSheet: TruClean™ Wirecut

eSheet: TruClean™ Wirecut

Brochure: Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers

Brochure: Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers