0.9m (39”) 390 Rotary Moulder

  • Stock Model Specification

    The Baker Perkins 390 Rotary Moulder meets current industry requirements for sanitation while offering best-in-class performance, reliability and durability. A wide range of products can be made including moulder cookies, sandwich cookies, bars, mini cookies and pet treats.

    This new design uses Baker Perkins 10” (254mm) diameter rolls and can utilize dies originally supplied for our previous 390 and EM390 Rotary Moulders. The nominal speed is 7 – 20 RPM and the gap between the die roll and the feed roll is 0.19” (4.8mm).

    The operator station houses all controls and is mounted.  No free standing main electrical enclosure is required

    Sanitation Standards

    The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) standards were used as a reference for the design of the Baker Perkins Rotary Moulder. This Rotary Moulder is designed for dry cleaning or wet cloth cleaning protocols.

    Standard Sanitation Features of the Rotary Moulder Include:

    General materials of construction: Mild steel coated and Engineered food grade plastic
    Stainless steel guarding
    Stainless steel conduit with flexible conduit as needed
    Non-Washdown rated motors
    Standard double sealed steel bearings
    Sloped surfaces for drainage and use of stand-offs for cleaning access
    Where welds are present, continuous welds are used
    Hollow areas sealed or eliminated
    No unnecessary inaccessible liquid collection points
    No unnecessary loose parts or niches
    Sealed enclosures
    Generous clearance under machine
    Minimal exposed screw threads
    Die components are excluded from this list

    Machine Specifications:

    Frame:  Mild steel, painted

    Hopper:  Engineered food grade plastic

    39” wide machine has approximately 0.044 cubic meters (1.5 cubic feet) capacity
    Removable hopper with safety grid, tool required

    Feed Roll:  Mild steel
    Roll Diameter:  238mm (9.375”)
    Square groove profile

    Die Roll:  254mm (10”) diameter die roll (product dependent and ordered separately)

    Standard 390 Rotary Moulder design accepts 390 Rotary Dies, HC05196

    Die Roll Gap: 4.8mm(0.19”), fixed

    Die Roll Knife: A2 tool steel - Mechanical adjustment

    Die Roll Hook: 303/304 stainless steel

    Rubber Roll:  Dual Durometer
    Inner Core:  40-45 durometer
    Outer Core: 75-80 durometer
    Roll Diameter:  192mm (7.56”)
    Manual adjustment

    Conveyor Belt:  One (1) synthetic blend belt; Endless bias lap; Tension manually adjusted on the run, tool required

    Nosebar:  Mild steel, non-stick polymer coated
    3.2mm (0.13”) radius machined
    Vertical adjustment within 25mm (1”), tool required
    Horizontal adjustment 100mm (4”), tool required

    This is the conveyor belt tensioner
    This is the conveyor belt tracker

    Conveyor Support:  303/304 stainless steel

    Discharge Height:  1067mm (42”) +/- 25mm (1”)

    Conveyor Support:  Mild steel, painted

    Belt Cleaning:  Scraper with removable tray

    Belt Tracking:  Pneumatic

    Drive Components:
    Feed roll is driven by gear motor
    Variable frequency drive
    Die roll is gear driven from the feed roll
    Rubber roll and extraction apron are friction driven by the die roll
    HP of the gearmotor will be determined by line speed and width
    Nominal Speed:  7 – 20 RPM

    Four (4) Casters:  Stainless steel casters with polyurethane wheels
    Two (2) flat faced fixed and two (2) flat faced swivel (includes caster step brakes)

    Covers and Guards:  303/304 Stainless steel with sloped angles for drainage and stand-offs for cleaning

    Electrical Controls: Operator friendly, simple pushbutton controls for ease of operation

    Operator Controls:

    Machine mounted NEMA 4X PowerFlex70 Variable Frequency Drive with safe-off functionality
    PowerFlex Human Interface Module with digital speed indication, speed and star/stop control
    Control side E-stop with NEMA 4X angle mounted enclosure

    Conduit:  Stainless Steel

    Current location: Grand Rapids, MI

    Available: August 2015

    For further information, or to request a quote for this machine, please contact Kari Patton on +1 616 785 7503

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Brochure: Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers

Brochure: Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers