AACC International Annual Meeting - San Diego, CA

AACC International Annual Meeting - San Diego, CA

Baker Perkins will focus on its ability to supply new production and process expertise for the growing market in granola cereals and bars at the AACC International annual meeting in San Diego, California from October 8 – 11.

We will also promote traditional rotary cooking and extrusion technology to make the full range of ready-to-eat cereals.

Granola represents a significant opportunity due to its rapidly increasing popularity. Awareness of the health benefits of oats (high fibre, slow energy release and gluten-free), as well as the relentless growth of the cereal bar market and its convenience as a breakfast cereal (much quicker than oatmeal/porridge) are driving significant growth.

Whether the customer is interested in baked granola cereal, dried granola cereal or baked granola bars, Baker Perkins has an appropriate system plus the experience and process expertise to help customers through every step of the project. New systems have been developed by Baker Perkins to meet rising demand for these tasty, versatile products: granola has a truly global appeal and there are production plants in North America, Asia and Europe.

A complete range of unit machines combined with the process knowledge and engineering expertise to build them into reliable and flexible high-output systems enables Baker Perkins to provide lines for rotary cooking or extruding virtually every kind of breakfast cereal, from traditional corn flakes to modern filled pillows.

These lines comprise standard process modules combined in different ways to make different products and can be expanded at any time with the addition of extra modules to increase output, or change or extend the product range. 

The Baker Perkins Cereal Master™ TX line is the choice of manufacturers needing the assurance of a consistent high-quality end product using a traditional rotary cooker. This well proven cereal cooking technology is at the core of complete lines producing many of the world's leading brands.

A new generation of extrusion equipment has also recently been launched by Baker Perkins. The flexibility of the re-designed SBX Master™ twin-screw extruder range for cereals, ingredients and other food applications has been improved by increasing power, torque and speed.

A new preconditioner adds flexibility in the cereal sector when applied to denser and/or shear-sensitive materials. It is particularly advantageous when processing pellets for flaked cereals.

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