AutoCook™ Systems: Overview

  • Benefits

    The Baker Perkins AutoCook™ range blends proven process technologies within a modular design to create a series of high-efficiency continuous cooking systems for virtually any type of sugar confectionery. Both dedicated and multi-purpose plants can be created in this way, offering outstanding cooking performance and low cost of ownership.

    Proven Cooking Technology

    High-quality product and reliable operation have been the hallmark for many years of Baker Perkins  Microfilm™,  Turbofilm™,  Carablend™and  Fondant cookers. These unique cookers are now at the heart of the AutoCook™ range of flexible, modular cooking solutions. AutoCook™ can feed any type of confectionery forming system at rates between 120 and 2,800 kg/hr

    Continuous, Automatic Operation

    Automated processes from ingredient weighing to final cooked masses. Precise automatic control of critical process parameters achieves high quality and low waste. Recipe-driven controls with full process visualisation and alarms for accurate set up and efficient operation

    Easy to Use

    The Baker Perkins AutoCook™ range can be configured for virtually any type of sugar confectionery. Product types include the full range of hard candy, soft confectionery and natural snacks. Systems can be created for either single or multi-product operation.

    Low Cost of Ownership

    Skid-mounted modules minimize floor space requirements and installation time. Easy access to all components for cleaning and maintenance. Continuous, consistent cooking minimizes waste.

  • Full Equipment Range
    Weighing & Mixing  






    Batch Dissolver

    AutoCook™ Systems  







    AutoCook™ Systems: Overview

    Microfilm™ Cooker

    Turbofilm™ Cooker

    Fondant & Fondant Crème

    Carablend™ Toffee Cooker

    Colour / Flavour Incorporator





    Hard Candy


    Soft Confectionery

    Jellies & Gums


    Compact Depositors

    Experimental Depositors

Leaflet: AutoCook™ Confectionery Range

Leaflet: AutoCook™ Confectionery Range

Brochure: Confectionery

Brochure: Confectionery

Complete Confectionery Process Lines

Complete Confectionery Process Lines

Cooking and depositing systems for hard candy, lollipops, fondant & fudges, toffees & caramels, jellies & gums, healthcare confectionery and Xylitol confectionery.

Lifetime Support for Confectionery Equipment

Lifetime Support for Confectionery Equipment

Parts, service, upgrades and rebuilds for your Baker Perkins machines for as long as they remain in production.