Co-Extruded Cereals

Co-Extruded Cereals schematic

1. SBX Master™ Extruder

Ingredients are texturized and cooked through a combination of heat, mechanical shear and moisture addition. Flavours and colours can be added easily.

2. Cream Feed

Stores and supplies a filling to the co-extrusion die, which produces a single stream of product with two components – a cereal outer and a centre-filling.

3. Pillow Crimper

After leaving the die, a pressing roll ensures streams are the correct thickness. They are then separated and spaced before two rollers with multiple blades pinch streams along their lengths to form continuous strands of sealed pillow shapes. These are dried and broken into individual pieces.

4. Syrup Coating System

Cereals are glazed or coated by atomized spraying systems and rotating drum before the product is dried.

5. Dryer

A final dryer is specified to dry the coated products.

  • Co-Extruded Cereals

    The Baker Perkins Cereal Master EX™ extruder process is a low cost point of entry to the expanding breakfast cereals market. Additional co-extrusion modules extend the capability of the extrusion process to make added-value products with shapes that catch the eye, complemented by innovative flavours and fillings.

    The Baker Perkins twin-screw SBX Master™ extruder cooks the ingredients using a combination of heat, mechanical shear and moisture addition; flavours and colours can be added directly into the barrel. Manufacturers can choose from the full array of grain and rice as the basis for an extensive cereal portfolio.

    Twin-screw extrusion is a highly versatile, economic process that successfully produces a broad variety of expanded cereals throughout the world. An additional co-extrusion system can incorporate fillings with contrasting textures or colours into a cereal outer shell. The fillings can be of virtually any colour or flavour - creams, fruit pastes or chocolate pralines are typical. The Baker Perkins Pillow Crimper expands the product range beyond conventional squares and rectangles. It provides the opportunity to form a number of attractive and distinctive patterns such as hexagons, faces, chevrons and waves. Other options include surface textures such as grooves and highlights.

    Baker Perkins' extruders are a low cost-of-ownership tool allowing a wide range of products to be made with simple product changeover. Cereal lines are designed to be simply expanded or adapted on a modular basis to increase output or expand a product range. Utilising Baker Perkins’ depth of process expertise, co-extrusion equipment, flaking rolls, cookers and dryers can be added to the Cereal Master EX™ line to make a wide range of high-specification products. A coating system is also an option for adding value through frosting or glazing.

    Performance and reliability are maintained throughout, making Cereal Master™ the ideal system for cereal manufacturers of every size.

    Many Baker Perkins customers also visit the Innovation Centre at Peterborough, where equipment available for trial and development purposes enables existing product portfolios to be refreshed, and new ones created.

  • Required Equipment
    Extrusion & Co-Extrusion  






    SBX Master™ Extruder

    CoEx Master™ Co-Extrusion Systems

    CoEx Master™ Cream Feed

    CoEx Master™ Pillow Crimper


    Syrup Coating  







    Preparation & Coating Systems


    Laboratory Scale Systems  







    Laboratory Scale Cereal Cooking System


Brochure: Breakfast Cereals

Brochure: Breakfast Cereals

Co-Extruded Cereal Products

Co-Extruded Cereal Products

View some of the co-extruded products that can be made on Baker Perkins' cereal process lines.

Cereal Master EX™

Cereal Master EX™

Expandable modular process lines for a wide variety of extruded and co-extruded breakfast cereals.

Cereal Innovation Centres

Cereal Innovation Centres

Baker Perkins offers all its customers facilities to develop new products and processes, produce samples for test marketing, and conduct feasibility trials.